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V / A - No Way Out - 2011.

Kompilacija sa 20 garage bendova iz cijelog svijeta izdana u Dead by Mono Records (UK). Burnside Blues pod rednim brojem 20, idealna za zatvaranje kompilacije.

"20 of the finest garage gems from round the world!!!" LIMITED EDITION!!! "This is a mighty monster of a release, a real global garage rock barometer for the cream of the underground scene. Twenty bands scuffln' up the compass from north to south and east to west - jungle punks, rockabilly runts, 60's misfits and lo-fi finest - a truly international rescue package for the sick and twisted. Seven seas of garage disease await you on the other side, just dip your toe in the water and let the tide take you under."

Track List:

01. PERSIAN CLAWS – Clever Way to Crawl (USA)
02. GO GO CULT – Go Go Stomp (UK)
03. THE BELMONDOS – A Second Longer (France)
04. THE SMOGGERS – Set Me Free (Spain)
05. THE BARSEXUALS – Dancin’on Your Grave (Italy)
06. ROSANJIN MEXICO – Blues Style (Japan)
07. LES CHEFS – Land Of Alohas (France)
08. EXPLODING RUBBER BAND – If Jesus Came Back (Norway)
09. THE LEANS – Dead Girl (UK)
10. THE SUNMAKERS – Back To You (France)
11. WER WIE WAS – Hier Allein (Germany)
12. THE ELECTRISIXTIES - A Simple Goodbye (Argentina)
13. THE TUNDRA FUCKS – I Once Was a Man (Sweden)
14. THE STACHES – Shiny Leather Shoes (Switzerland)
15. HITCHCOCKS – Lost Paradise (Brazil)
16. LES PICK-UPS – Drugs (Spain)
17. THE REPEATERS – Soul Search (France)
18. FUZZ FACE – El Sicko (Finland)
19. MURDERING TRIPPING BLUES – Modern Times So Simple (Portugal)
20. EROTIC BILJAN & HIS HERETICS – Burnside Blues (Croatia)

Izdavač: Dead by Mono Records (UK) 2011.
CD: 50 kn
Kontakt: heretics@hi.t-com.hr

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